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At TechPio, you will get a dedicated expert team who will help you with maximizing the benefits of data backup solutions. You will be also offered disaster recovery support and end-to-end data protection. Entrust our experts with managing your backup processes.

Services You will be Offered at
TechPio for Backup Management

Consultation with experts

The in-depth knowledge and experience of our consultants will come in handy for your business Our proactive approach will help you to set up a recovery and backup strategy for your existing business or also for your future expansion. Use our helpful tips and best practices to build your organisation’s backup strategy.

Reviewing your current situation

Before further moving on, firstly we will review your organisation’s current backup strategy. It will help us and you as well, by reviewing we get an idea about the current backup management methodology so that we can give the best recommendation and tips to protect you from future data security issues.

Regular monitoring

Regular monitoring is quite an important part of any backup management services provider. It ensures that the data is correctly backed up and not on the verge of being attacked by any malicious threat. To make sure that we also do manual monitoring where we manually login into the system and check the backup status.
We will send you a daily, weekly, and monthly summary reports about the backups.

Management of mission – critical data

Backup management is not just about storing data but it is about so many things such as setup and configuration of backup software, amending updates and upgrades, and troubleshooting any backup related issues as well. We do everything for you so you do not have to face any future challenges. We fix all the issues right away until it requires the partner’s interaction.
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Implementation of your plan

Our experience and tip from best practices will help you to deploy a perfect backup and recovery strategy for your mission – critical data. Implementation of this strategy includes the following points –
Backup Management Services

Regular monitoring of the designated endpoints

Regular monitoring of designated endpoints helps us to find any flaws in the system. That is why our engineers take this job quite seriously, whether it is monitoring the client’s web portal or managing the backup system, we will do everything for you.
We can do backup monitoring by using the RMM tool and backup software’s web portal but we prioritize manual monitoring as well. In this scenario, our engineers manually sign-in on the designated endpoints to check whether the data is being backed up successfully or not. We also make sure that all agents are following all rules and regulations to avoid any future complications or system backup failures.

Recovery Testing

Backup is only helpful when you can recover the data from it, otherwise, it has no use. That is why we do trial recovery testing to check that the machines are being backed up successfully. Data is the most critical thing on which the success of the business depends and because of that, we implement the failure – safe recovery policies to keep your data safe all time.
Recovery Testing in Software Testing
Steps To Troubleshooting Technical Issues

Troubleshooting backup - related problems

Sometimes whatever precautions we take, problems do occur. We are also prepared for the situations like this, in these situations we diagnose the main cause of backup failure and try to resolve the problem as soon as possible. Not just that, we also make a record of the issue and its solution for any future challenges.

Data Recovery

When you need your data, it must be available to recover! Else, there is no sense to backup at all.
There can be numerous reasons when primary data fails like the result of hardware or software failure, data corruption, or a human-caused event.
Whether you need to restore the whole system, a folder, or a file from backups due to the XYZ reason, we are here to recover.
We won’t rest until your operations are running smoothly again.
Quick response time

Quick response time

Whenever you are facing any problem, you will always get a quick response from our side. Resolving any queries in no time is what is important for us. Our response time for any raised query is ten minutes. As soon as you contact us, we quickly assign you a recovery request and immediately find a way to resolve this.

Always available for you

Only adverse situations show that how responsible and helpful you are, believe it! We will be always there for you. You can connect with us at any time because we are 24×7. To manage the storage centrally, we will assist you with SAN and NAS set and configuration.
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Why We are the Best for You?

We made sure that any kind of human error or malicious attack should not affect your business. Our regular monitoring for backup management reduces the chances of data loss and downtime. A business always holds sensitive and useful data and we are here to protect that data through our backup management services so that, your business will not face any challenges in the future. Here are some reasons to choose us

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